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Masters in Law and Tech

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Digitalisation and globalisation are gaining in importance every day. The legal industry is currently undergoing a disruptive innovation process. Are you ready to shape the future of Law and Technology? Learn from the best of the best attending one of these master programmes teached around the world.


Digital Media Law and Management LL.M. | MBA // Universität Potsdam // October 2019* // German/English // 15.000 Euros

'Der berufsbegleitende Weiterbildungsmaster Digital Media Law and Management bietet praxisrelevantes Wissen zur Gestaltung von Innovations- und Geschäftsentwicklungsprozessen.'

Master of Law and Business - Legal Tech and operations // Bucerius Law School, Hamburg // Summer 2020* // English // 1000 Euro (+ Summer School 50% off)

'How do law firms of the future use technology and alternative providers to improve their services for clients? How can we use algorithms to predict court decisions? How can computer programs support lawyers in their daily work? The Specialization in Legal Technology and Operations requires participation in the corresponding Bucerius Summer Program in the summer before the start of the MLB program.'


IT Law Programme & Master IT Law// University of Tartu, Estonia // September 2019* // English // 3740 Euros

'The IT Law Programme prepares participating students for careers that demand an intricate knowledge about the law and legal methods applied in the fields of ICT and cybersecurity. The Master’s programme (ending with an official advanced law degree, Master of Arts in Law) and the Continuing Education Programme in Information Technology Law (ending with a Certificate of Completion) are designed to provide both technical and practical legal skills for working as an IT lawyer.'

Master of Law in Business Transactions and Technology Transfer // University of Zurich, Switzerland // September 2019* // German/English // 32,800 CHF

'Der CAS bietet eine fundierte Weiterbildung in der Gestaltung internationaler Verträge sowie der Vermarktung von Technologie durch Lizenzverträge. Die Kursteilnehmenden sollen in die Lage versetzt werden, selbstständig Probleme zu lösen, die sich in der internationalen Vertragspraxis und beim Technologietransfer stellen.'

Master of Law in Innovation, Technology and the Law // Edinburgh Law School - The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom // September 2019* // English // 12,300 GBP Full-time: Home/EU: £12,300, Overseas/International: £21,600

'The LLM in Innovation, Technology and Law offers advanced study of a range of law and law-related subjects, which address the opportunities and risks posed by innovation and new technology.'

Master of Law Advanced Studies in Law and Digital Technologies // Leiden University, Netherlands // September 2019* // English // 17,500 Euros

'“The emergence of digital technologies raises many fundamental and complex legal challenges that professionals and scholars must be able to address in their work. This programme provides you with advanced knowledge and practical skills to find answers in this demanding, international and interdisciplinary environment.'

Master of Law in LegalTech // Swansea University, United Kingdom // October 2019* // English // 15,400 GBP - international students, 7000 GBP - UK/EU

'The LLM in LegalTech puts you at the forefront of a fast-growing field, opening up exciting career opportunities to harness the power of technology in the legal profession.'


Master of Legal Business - Transforming Legal Services // The College of Law, Sydney, Australia // 08/05/2019 - 09/15/2019 // English // 3300 $

'“Think big, start small and learn fast!” The next generation of legal service delivery requires professionals who understand how to accelerate change and match the agility and speed of their business clients. Taught by a former technology company GC with guest speakers from Australia’s leading law firms and corporations, this unique, practically-focused subject provides the essential grounding in tools to map both the current mode of legal service delivery and the target state, as well as define and implement a change or transformation plan, using industry techniques such as Lean and Legal Project Management.'

Master in Legal Tech // IE Law School, Online - Madrid - Silicon Valley - Herzliya // 03/2020-01/2021 // English // 31.700 Euros

'IE Law School has launched the Master in Legal Tech, a cutting-edge program designed to empower lawyers, entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse backgrounds, to think outside the box, explore and harness the power of technology in the sector. The programme provides comprehensive academic and professional training in legal practice, as well as interdisciplinary analysis related to current developments in law and technology.'

Master of Law in Cybersecurity & Data Privacy // Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, USA // August 2019* // English // Price Unknown

'The Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Concentration at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles offers students a slate of classes and experiential-learning opportunities to prepare them for the evolving legal demands presented by emerging technology.'

Master of Law in Global Law and Technology // Suffolk University Law School, Boston, USA // September 2019* // English // Price Unknown

'Breakthroughs in science, technology, and communication have resulted in legal challenges never before faced--challenges of global proportions for tomorrow's leaders. Suffolk Law's LLM in Global Law and Technology will help you meet these challenges and prepare for the future practice of law.'

Master of Law in Commerce and Technology // UNH School of Law, Concord, USA // September 2019* // English // Price unknwon

'Supported by UNH Law's strong IP foundation, the Commerce and Technology program is built at the intersection of business and law to tackle evolving legal issues facing new business and e-commerce in the global information age economy.'

Master of Law in Law and Technology // The Catholic University of America - Columbus School of Law, Washington, USA // September 2019* // English // Price unknown

'The concentration in Law and Technology provides special expertise in the regulation of the telecommunications industry, electronic mass media, wireless telecommunications services, and digital technologies, FCC practice and procedure, intellectual property transactions, copyright and patent, First Amendment challenges for media.'

Master of Law in Law, Science & Technology // Stanford University, USA // Fall 2020 // English // Price unknown

'The Master of Laws (LLM) in Law, Science & Technology provides rigorous academic and professional training in legal practice and interdisciplinary analysis related to current developments in law, science and technology, including such areas as e-commerce, jurisdiction and dispute resolution in cyberspace, biotechnology and health science issues, intellectual property regimes and contractual developments related to the global information economy, venture capital, and high technology start-up companies.'

Master of Law in Law & Technology // UC Berkeley School of Law, California, USA // Fall 2020* // English // Price unknown

'The Berkeley Center for Law & Technology offers a specialized certificate program for LL.M. students that recognizes successful completion of a course of study focused on technology law.'

*Start date for a 1-year full-time masters programme

You have attended or teached a Master in Law and Tech, that is not on the list? Get in touch with me to keep the summary updated.

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