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Lexigogo - Video Contracting Made Easy

Aktualisiert: 28. Juni 2021

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Get to know Lexigogo - the video contracting app, that helps you to draft contracts in an easy and innovative way. Caroline Calomme and her team let me know what Lexigogo is about and summarised ten key facts about the legal tech tool.

About Lexigogo

Lexigogo BVBA is a Belgian legal tech company established in 2017. It has multiple mobile video contracting applications in the pipeline of which the mobile app was the first product the company released in 2018 for both iOS and Android smartphones. It is especially worth mentioning, that the consumer application is available for free. In order to protect their innovative technology, Lexigogo's team decided to file an international PCT patent application. So Lexigogo technology, methods and systems are patent pending at the moment. New applications and methods for improving the tool and extending its usecases are currently being developed.

10 Tool Facts

#1 Lexigogo makes it possible to video-record simple agreements without the hassle of written ones.

#2 The tool uses a technology everybody is familiar with to make contracts more accessible.

#3 The tool is fast, free and easy to use even if you have difficulty reading or writing and it keeps the contract in a neutral location to avoid power imbalances.

#4 The tools' functions include video recording, electronic signatures, contract templates, connections, contract wallet with easy access to signed contracts, creating draft video contracts and video proofs.

#5 The tools' users are anyone with a smartphone.

#6 The tool was designed by Laurens Theunis, a tech and healthcare entrepreneur.

#7 The tool was programmed using Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android) for the front end and the code is in Typescript.

#8 The development was in collaboration with InloopX, GoodRequest, Codebrothers and Madewithlove.

#9 The main technical obstacles we had to overcome were [1] technical obstacles related to video apps and [2] in product design, finding a good balance between [a] respecting legal frameworks of electronic documents and signatures, [b] offering great user experience, [c] respecting privacy rules and GDPR regulations.  

#10 In future, our goal is to spread the video contract mindset by reaching more users and integrating the video contracts in traditional consumer services.

You want to know more about the tool? Visit the company website or follow Lexigogo on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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