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´There is no place for individualism and egocentrism.´

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Ana-Maria Draganuta Briard is a lawyer from Romania and the founder and CEO of Avoteca. As part of the LAWTECHNET video and interview series about LAWTECHLEADERS worldwide she is sharing her vision, learnings and inspirations. LAWTECHLEADER Profile

Name​: Ana-Maria Draganuta Briard

Job: Lawyer, Co-founder & CEO at Avoteca

Category: Legal Management/ ​Business​/ New Work


Law is​ the framework that keeps our life in order.

My vision is ​towards the collaboration and internationalisation of the legal profession. There is no place anymore for individualism and egocentrism. More and more legal cases imply transnational problematics, that cannot be solved anymore by a one and only lawyer. Moreover, these issues do not appear anymore only to wealthy persons, so the legal systems must be ready to tackle the globalisation of legal needs for anyone, anywhere. This is why I believe in the unity of the individual and small law offices, which together, can cover this very stringent need.

Leadership means to me a beautiful responsibility towards the people you work with and the people you deliver to.

The reason I chose to do things differently was that I felt that something needed to change. I wanted to live in a different environment, but still doing what I professionally love the most - being a lawyer. Also, it was the case that the legal industry evolved as all other sectors did.

The biggest learning in my personal journey is that we have to find out what we truly want in life, outside of any influence that might pressure us, and once we find it, not to go alone.

My greatest strength is ​seeing people for what they really are. This trait helped me a lot in both my personal and professional life to choose very well the persons whom I worked with and spent time with and the ones I didn’t. I could say I have my personal triage inner system.

An extraordinary fact about me is ... ​The truth is that I don’t consider myself extraordinary or that I do something as such. What I love very much and maybe it is not extremely common is becoming more of a digital nomad lawyer, loving scuba diving and being passionate about Japanese culture and language.

The perfect scenario for legal education/innovation/business of the future ​is for all these three branches to mingle together in an ideal symbiosis. Which probably it is impossible at a perfect level. But what we can do is try to push more towards bringing all these sides at the same table and build programmes based on long-term objectives. As in all, everything starts with education. Thus, the first thing we need to do is improve the teaching system in law universities and teach legal professionals today’s skills - design thinking, data thinking, active listening, proactiveness, creativity, technical skills.

The top three qualities future legal professionals will need ​are:

#1 data and design thinking

#2 creativity

#3 people skills

Personalities that inspire me ... ​I am more inspired by books and the stories behind them. One of my favourite writers is Paulo Coelho. And the reason is that I very much like how in his novels the spiritual combines with human nature, giving rise to existential questions from our everyday life. At the present moment, I have started the entire saga of Dune, which I read with pleasure every day before bedtime. And in the morning, I love to read something to kick off the day in a mindful way, such as The Heart of the Budha’s Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh.

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