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Summer Schools in Law and Tech

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

You are interested in Law and Technology, but don't know where to start? A summer school is the perfect fit for you. Different programs teached around the world give insights in the changing world of legal services and legal technology. Whether you are still in law school, a trainee lawyer or already a legal professional - there is a suitable programm for everyone.


Summer School IT Law and Legal Informatics

// Saarland University, Saarbrücken // 08/19/2019 - 08/30/2019 // English // Students, Graduates, Researchers // 150 - 250 Euros

'It is aimed at students, researchers and practitioners who are keen to discuss current topics of IT Law and Legal Informatics in an international forum.'

Summer School Legal Tech

// Berlin // 09/23/2019 - 09/25/2019 // German // Students, Trainee Lawyers // for free

'Digitalisierung im Recht verstehen - zu den Themen zählen Industrialisierung, Automatisierung von Rechtsdienstleistungen, Blockchain-Technologie, Embedded Law, Künstliche Intelligenz, Datenstrategie und Change Management.'

Summer program of Legal Technology and Operations

// Bucerius Law School, Hamburg // July 2020 // English // Advanced Law Students, Young Professionals // 1900 Euros

'How will technology change the future of law and legal services? Look behind the curtain of legal technology and understand the trends that will influence your future career and the legal professional as a whole.'

International Summer School in IT Law

// Leibnitz Universität, Hannover // July 2020 // English // Students, PhD-Candidates, Legal Professionals // 1450 Euros

'The Summer School IN SITU 2019 offers a three week academic training in Information Technology Law (IT Law) and is organized by the Institute of Legal lnformatics (IRI) at the Leibniz Universität Hannover.'


IT Law Summer School

// Downing College, Cambridge, UK // 07/29/2019 - 08/02/2019 // Trainee Lawyers and Legal Professionals // 3899 GBP (includes accomodation and meals)

'Whether you have recently started your training contract or are seeking to move into the field of Information Technology, the IT Law Summer School is the perfect choice. Hear from some of the most respected legal minds from across industry and private practice and spend the evenings exploring the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge with your new colleagues.'

LegalTech Summer School

// Swansea University, Wales, UK // 08/05/2019 - 08/09/2019 // English // Legal Professionals // 950 GBP

'The LTSS 2019 offers the opportunity to learn about the application of Artificial Intelligence concepts and technologies as they apply to law and legal services, which are driving dramatic change in LegalTech.'

Innovation and Technology Law Summer School

// University of Padova, Italy // June 2020 // English // Professors, Graduate Students, Research Scientists, and Professionals // 1000 Euros

'The Innovation and Technology Law Summer School addresses emerging issues in the field of technology law, namely exploring the interface between computer science and law and the significant role that law plays in promoting innovation.'

AIGI Summer School Internet Law & Legal Tech

// Bertinoro, Italy // June 2020 // English // Legal Advisors, Heads of Legal, General Counsels // 1000 Euros

'The Summer School is based on strong professional experience of the Speakers and it provides participants with the opportunity to approach international legal issues emerging in Internet Law and Legal Tech with qualified Speakers and other in-house counsels in an international forum: the course is aimed to combine academia and management experience.'

Internet Law Summer School

// University of Geneva, Switzerlang // June 2020 // English // Students // 2100 CHF

'Study Internet Law in Geneva, where the World Wide Web was born! Topics that will be covered include cybersecurity, digital privacy and online surveillance, free speech, consumer protection, legal issues of social media, dangers of cloud computing, Internet and telecom infrastructure, data protection, intellectual property, antitrust, and much more.'

Cyber Law Summer School

// LSE, London, UK // July 2020 // English // Students // Price unknown

'This course covers a selection of topics in the field of Information Technology and the Law (or Cyberlaw).'


AI & Law Summer School

// European University Institute, Florence, Italy – University of Pittsburgh School of Law, USA // July 2020 // English // Students, Reserachers, Legal Scholars // 300 Euros

'The main target audience are undergraduate or graduate students, researchers and legal scholars who want to do research in AI & Law or the law of AI.'

You have attended or teached a summer school program, that is not on the list? Get in touch with me to keep the summary updated.

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