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'Stop complaining about everything and start creating solutions'

Karol Valencia is a legal project leader, legal service designer and innovation business strategist from Peru. As part of the LAWTECHNET video and interview series about LAWTECHLEADERS worldwide she is sharing her vision, learnings and inspirations.


Name: Karol Valencia , digital nomad originally from Peru, have been living in NY and now Europe.

Age: 30

Job: Legal Project Leader & legal service designer at eID as well as Innovation business strategist at Lawcus-LPM

Category: Business

Short bio:

#1 She works as a legal project leader and legal service designer at eID as well as a business innovation strategist at Lawcus-LPM . She is the coordinator for Peru of the ILSA Alliance. Community Manager at Eye Z Legal, she is a consultant for legal innovation projects from a holistic perspective.

#2 Lawyer from the UCSP, certified by the UEM in Madrid and Master in the PUCP.

#3 Training in design, innovation and digital transformation by Iron Hack, IDF, IDEO, among others.

#4 Founder of the A11YPeru community. external advisor of Arequipa Legal Hackers, member of ALIL-Latam, Lawgic Tec and Researcher in PsychoLAWgy and The Institute of Internet and the just society.


Law is a knowledge. Legal Technology/ Innovation/ Design and whatever it takes, I don’t know how to say NO. I’m learning lol!

My vision is the Adventure of Helping & Collaborating to HUMANIZE and Re-DESIGN LAW & SERVICES for PEOPLE.

Leadership means to me to learn to lead myself and leading others too.

The reason I chose to do things differently was because I have always been an outsider.

My biggest learning in my personal journey is failing but committing new errors and also to be rescilient about that like a fenix.

My greatest strength is my empathy and capacity of smile almost all the time.

An extraordinary fact about me is my unstoppeable energy.

The perfect scenario for legal business of the future is to change the old paradigma and start living in the real VUCA enviroment that is life and stop complaining about everything to start creating solutions.

What needs to change in order to make this scenario happen? We need to create an environment where you are allowed to interact with different profiles and perspectives, where you are allowed to iterate embracing failures, but most important where you are allowed to be who you really are and be treated with fully respect and where you are allowed to access to all opportunities.

The top three qualities future legal professionals will need are:

#1 Empathy

#2 Curiosity

#3 assion

Personalities, that inspire me are: Matt Wallaert, Stephen Wendel, María Jesús González Espejo, Ioana Teleanu, Stephen Gates, Adam Lawrence, Andrés Botero, Steve Wozniak, Priyanka Chopra, Julia Roberts, Emma Watson, Duncan McMillan, Norma Matínez,Wendy Ramos, Sady Paulson and Andres Oppenheimer.

Top 5 Lawtechleaders I recommend:

#1 Erin Lavine

#2 Lieke Bielen

#3 María Jesús González-Espejo

#4 Nicola Shaver

#5 Tessa Manuello

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